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Wed, 19 Oct 2022 21:48:58 GMT
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Bittrex19366.6120000019071.2010000088.6407390919184.0360000019194.1000000019187.40500000   USD-0.7000 %
Crex2419467.0000000019467.000000000.0000000019071.0000000019324.0000000019467.00000000   USDT+0.0000 %
Poloniex19370.6000000019080.010000006706336.7000000019185.2800000019191.0800000019186.74000000   USDT-1.0000 %
Stex19425.2524000019095.9090000012023.7545856319181.0817000019193.9192000019148.63125000   USDT-0.8147 %