The block explorer for this coin is in 'Demo Mode'

The hostmaster provides some block explorers he is using as test data for coding changes and bug fixes in the Iquidium Explorer.
However, since nobody is financing the hosting of these block explorers (and their full coin node) features have been restricted for public access.
The frequency of their updates is only a few times per day.

Please contact us if you wish to finance full access to this explorer or an explorer for a different coin. An explorer also includes a fulltime coin wallet node.

Cost is based on the size of the coin's blockchain and number of transactions it contains, and is payable in major crypto such as BTC, LTC, or DOGE.

We can only support explorers for coins, not tokens, and the full node wallet code for the coin must be buildable and runnable under linux (we do not run binaries made by other people.)
The coin wallet must also support the traditional Bitcoin RPC Api allowing retrieval of transaction and blockchain information.


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